Theme Teams

There are four cross-cutting Theme Teams in the GSSN that explore as a group core needs for furthering sustainable soundscape research. Work shops will be held by each team to tackle their areas responsibilities. Theme team members can gain editing rights to their page by filling out the request form.

Standards ( team page )

Leader: Dr. Stuart Gage, Michigan State University

The Standards team works to ensure that all data standards are well documented and are compliant with international standards for acoustic data archiving (e.g., ISO Working Group 54). They create standrads for generating metadata for our datasets using Morpho (a multipurpose metadata editing tool) and stored in Metacat (a searchable database management tool), both of which are available at the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity web site ( These tools are XML and EML (Ecological Metadata Language) compatible.

Interdisciplinary Capacity Building ( team page )

Leader: Dr. Wubishet Tadesse, Alabama A&M University

The Interdisciplinary Capacity Building team is tasked with bringing together researchers from many fields including ecology, acoustic ecology, acousticians, and psychoacousticians to coordinate studies on diverse soundscapes around the world.

Sustainability ( team page )

Leader: Dr. Catherine Guastavino, McGill University

The devlopment of a sustainability framework in collaboration with the European Network on soundscape is one of the main goals of the Sustainability team.

Conservation and Engagement ( team page )

Leader: Dr. C. Ronald Carroll, University of Georgia

The goal of the Conservation and Engagement team is to work towards federal mandates to protect natural sounds and preserve park wilderness.