Featured Soundscape

Algonquin Wolves

The sounds were recorded in the Algonquin Provincial Forest in Ontario, Canada.

We would like to thank Bernie Krause for sharing this recording.

Featured Article

Biodiversity Sampling Using a Global Acoustic Approach: Contrasting Sites with Microendemics in New Caledonia.

Amandine Gasc, Jérôme Sueur, Sandrine Pavoine, Roseli Pellens, Philippe Grandcolas

PLOS One, May, 2013, 8(5)

The overarching objective of our network is to bring together ecologists (landscape ecologists and conservation biologists), acoustic ecologists (from the creative arts) and acousticians and psychoacousticians (scientists that study sound and how people perceive sound) to coordinate studies in diverse soundscapes around the world. The network will help to foster:

  • Open communication between different disciplines about the composition of soundscapes and the underlying mechanisms that control dynamics and the ways that humans experience sounds in the environment through the support of workshops (listening, conservation), sharing of tools, social networking and coordinated Theme Teams
  • Coordination of 4-5 soundscape monitoring sites where acoustic data are being collected long-term
  • Development of a common vocabulary, long-term monitoring standards, and metadata standards for acoustic data for use by ecologists
  • Increase awareness of this new field among ecologists and social scientists through a variety of activities
  • Increase public awareness of the importance of their acoustic connection to nature.